We've received a good number of requests for specific numbers in the Mug Club and we want to make it fair for everybody.  We've even told family members they need to get in line just like everyone else.  So we've come up with a way to allow specific number choices:

First come, First pick, and only for Tier One.

Tomorrow (April 27th at 12 PM EST) the pre-order for Tier One memberships in the Mug Club goes live in our store, and since Tier One memberships are given early access we've decided they will be the only Tier allowed to pick specific numbers in the Mug Club.  When Tier Two and Three go live on (May 4th 12 PM EST) they will be assigned numbers based on the time of order.

Additionally, Mug Club items will not be available until our opening weekend at the Brewery, and at that time will be in-store pickup only.

Cheers and Good Luck!!!