We're pretty sure that if you are on this site in the first place that you like beer, and if you're looking at this post then "free beer" was enticing enough for you to see what we're talking about.  In our last update we hinted at the details of a Mug Club but now we're going to give you the full scoop.  

There will be three tiers of the Club, and each is definitely better than the next:

Tier Three ($65): Membership, just without extra swag.  What you get is a mug that holds 25% (That's not a typo - it's 25%) more than our normal glasses but you pay normal pint price whenever you come to the brewery.  You also get an empty growler with the Boots Brewing Company logo.

Tier Two ($75): Middle of the road membership where we up the ante slightly.  In addition to your Mug and Boots Brewing Company growler, you get a Boots Brewing t-shirt to let everyone know about your next level awesomeness.

Tier One ($100): Top of the layer cake, you not only get the Mug, and a free fill of your Boots Brewing Company growler, but you also get a custom made Boots Brewing Company rugby jersey (pictured below), and you get to jump ahead of the line for any future special events or ticket sales.

Now here's the catch, because there's always a catch. 

1.  The first rule of Mug Club is that you are encouraged to talk about Mug Club.  Mostly because in the first year there will only be 100 spaces for members, and if you want to ensure your friends get into the Mug Club you will have to spread the word. 

2.  There will be a pre-order period starting on May 4th, which is before our opening date, to ensure we have enough merchandise on hand for opening.  Those who choose to go with a Tier One membership will have an extra week starting on April 27th for pre-orders.  All pre-orders will be through our online store.

3.  Memberships are good for one year (by default all pre-order memberships will start on our opening weekend).  Renewals will be priced at $50 if you don't want new merchandise, but want to continue using your Mug.  You can only pay the renewal price if you were a member in the prior year.

4.  Last but certainly not least, the Mugs will be numbered, and these numbers will be first come first serve.  If you have a number that you specifically want you can request any number between 1-100 when you sign up, but if it is taken you will either have to trade for it or pick another number.

RI381 Boots Brewing Company 3.jpg

Pre-order April 27...

Wait and you may miss out ...