The last month and a half have been busy for us as we have been checking more and more items off the list as we move towards opening.  We've taken delivery of some major pieces of equipment including our keg cooler, draft system, and fermentation tanks.  We've also completed major renovations to our brewing area including finishing the walls, rewiring electrical, and new plumbing in the brewing area.  We've also had a few setbacks that put us a few weeks behind.  Included in those setbacks were the refitting of sprinkler lines, and a break in the buildings main drain.  The last of which resulted in excavation of our new concrete floor and extensive re-plumbing of the main drain for multiple tenants in the building.  This hasn't dampened our drive to the finish line and as we've said many times before, "We will be open soon!!!"  We promise.  To finish on the positive side of things we are looking forward to being featured on the new TV show "Brewed in New York," the launch of an online merchandise store, and will soon be announcing plans for a membership driven mug club. (Hint: if you like discounts, swag, and generally being awesome then the club is the way to go.)